Acquiring the Ukrainian work permit

Acquiring the Ukrainian work permit

Ukraine has a thriving economy, and job opportunities often arise. Once a foreign national is considered suitable for a position, the next step would be to acquire a work permit. The potential employer primarily makes applications for work permits. The employee, however, needs to be aware of the requirements to avoid falling short. This article seeks to highlight the basic requirements for a work permit application in Ukraine.

The “Need to knows”

The Ukrainian government has put forth measures that allow foreign nationals to be employed. Both local companies or individuals may do this. The individuals may be citizens of Ukraine or people with permanent or temporary residents living in Ukraine. The company or individual has to ensure the employee acquires a work permit before they can start working in Ukraine.
One critical thing to note is that the application for a work permit is made by the employer and not the one seeking work. Once a work permit is issued, it is specific to the job applied for. This means an employee may not be awarded a general work permit in Ukraine.


In all permit application processes, documentation is crucial. This ensures that the potential employee is a legitimate person and is legally qualified for the permit. The following documents are required:

》A copy of your passport showing your details;
》Your work permit application;
》A picture of the potential employee in color;
》A certified copy of the employment agreement between applicant and employer;
》Proof of employment document;
》Proof of tertiary educational qualifications for applicants applying for academic purposes;
》Copyright documents and rights proof for creative professionals.

Once all these documents have been submitted, translation and legalization are all done in Ukraine.


Once the documentation has been submitted, it is filed with the state employment service of Ukraine. This process is done on behalf of the candidate by the potential employer. To ensure that immigrants in Ukraine don’t go hungry, a floating fee is charged to all applicants depending on the duration of stay. To better explain this, let's first define the term “living wage.”

Living wage refers to the minimum income required for a worker to meet their basic needs. For an applicant wishing to stay a period ranging between one and three years, six living wages are needed. For those wishing to stay from six months to a year, four living wages are required. For applicants wishing to stay for a period that is less than six months, two living wages are to be paid.
The Ukrainian government governs the living wage. The period of employment depends on work conditions. IT professionals, for example, can get permits allowing them to work in Ukraine for three years at a time. The range varies depending on the type of employment. One may, however, renew their work permit an unlimited number of times.


Once the application has been submitted, the state employment service of Ukraine reviews it for up to 7 working days. Once the application is approved, the employer has up to 10 working days to make the necessary payments. Failure to do so will result in the employee being requested to apply again.

If all requirements are met, the employee must send certified copies of the work permit and employment agreement. This document has to be signed within 90 days. Once the employee signs the employment agreement, it must be handed to the state employment service within ten days.

A temporary residence permit will also have to be obtained for employees wishing to move to Ukraine. Within 30 days, the employee is expected to register their residential address with the state employment service of Ukraine.

Family member immigration

A specific type of visa is available for immigrants wishing to bring their families over to Ukraine. They may apply for this Visa, and once inside Ukraine, they may apply for a temporary residence permit.

To apply for this permit, the employee needs to prove that they can take care of their family once they are in Ukraine. Each member of the family needs to apply for their temporary residence permit. Children under the age of 18 do not need to apply for this permit. They may reside with their parents in Ukraine without a temporary residence permit.


Many people around the world dream of landing their dream job far from home. This is closer to reality than most may think. Caution needs to be taken, however. An employee needs to make sure they know all the details like monthly salary and benefits before agreeing to take the job. Moving across the world and bumping into resistance is undesirable. It is, therefore, up to the potential employee to ensure that all boxes are ticked before embarking on that life-changing journey.


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