With SIGTAX, your audit is more than just placing ticks in boxes to satisfy regulators. Our expert auditing specialists undertake to add value to your audit through an approach we’ve employed for decades. It’s our earnest endeavour to protect the interests of our clients’, at the same time, remaining ethically independent in the increasingly regulated Ukrainian legislature. 
At SIGTAX, we put great emphasis on hiring talented people, who not only have the technical ability but good communications skills. Our staff have a uniquely high level of business savvy, which enables them to pick up on any ‘cracks’ in your organization often not covered by a statutory audit. Furthermore, we constantly evaluate the competences, experience and continuous development of our auditors. You can rest assured everything is done properly.
We help our clients with:

  • Regular audits and reviews of financial, tax and legal aspects of corporate activities in accordance with the Ukrainian legislature and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Limited audits, ordinary audits or revisions
  • Revisions in order for capital increases or reductions and business start-ups
  • Compliance by company law for capital changes
  • Compliance for money laundering law
  • Audit of HR documentation.