The best franchises in Ukraine 2021

The best franchises in Ukraine 2021

In Ukraine, franchising is a fairly novel concept that is quickly gaining momentum. In the last couple of years, this business has seen considerable quantitative success. The most booming franchise outlets are Nasha Ryaba, which has more than 2,500 outlets; Gavrilisky Kurchata, with more than 600 outlets; and Fornetti, with about 500 outlets.

Additionally, several international brands have also flourished in Ukraine. This is a testament that franchising is the future of Ukraine’s industry sector. Some of the sectors that have seen foreigners enjoying the franchising business include:

• Fast Food Restaurants;
• Express Courier Services;
• Clothing Stores.
• Dominos Pizza

While most businesses were unprepared for Covid 19, Domino’s Pizza increased its sales and stock price. The world’s leading pizza delivery company established itself in Kyiv in 2010. Thanks to technologies that include online commerce, touch-less transactions, and robotics, the pizza franchise emerged as the best in an economy where travel is limited, contact is restricted, and offices are empty.

Lviv Croissant

This franchise was founded in 2015 in Lviv, and by 2018 had 60 working cafes in the territory of Ukraine. In 2016, the company won the international “Franchise of the Year” award in the nomination “Discovery of the Year.” To be a franchisee, the initial investment begins at $25,000, and the franchise fee is $9 000, the royalty is 3% per month, and the payback period is between 12-24 months.

✓ Express Courier Services

Nova Poshta
Founded in 2001, this private Ukrainian postal and courier company has delivered over 180 million shipments. By 2015, the company had expanded internationally, and by 2018, it had over 6000 branches in Ukraine. In 2019, it was ranked 27th in the top 100 largest Ukraine companies by the amount of tax payments.


The valuation of the company as of October 2020 is $15 million, according to In Venture. This ambitious company began in 2014 as a 1-hour full-service delivery company in Kyiv, using electric bicycles. In 2021, the company has at least 7 000 pre-orders globally. Furthermore, this franchise produces electric bikes in Ukraine with record-breaking rates in speed and duration of the trip on one charge.

✓ Clothing Stores

VD One Men’s Clothing Store

This is Ukraine’s largest network of shops for fashionable men’s clothing. As it operates mainly online, the franchise is projected to be successful in the coming years, thanks to successful social media campaigns.


Aber is an innovative smart clothing store for both men and women and has the largest retail chain of more than 100 mono-brand stores throughout Ukraine.

Life in Balance Careers

The 2020 international health pandemic undoubtedly has led to a shift in business strategy, and this includes investors’ prospective franchises in 2021. To adapt to global socio-economics changes, most investors are opting for and projecting a remote-work future. The best remote or semi-remote franchises in Ukraine in 2021 include the following life in balance careers.

Vibe Marketing

Vibe Marketing is an internationally established brand with a broad client portfolio. The franchise works with SMEs, international corporations, Premiership football clubs, and financial institutions in the Middle East. Its model does not require an experienced marketer or web developer, as training and support is provided.

A vibe franchisee must deliver result-driven marketing campaigns and projects for customers and ensure that it is a good agency. Vibe Marketing has four franchise packages (minimum $5,000) as well as a Master franchise opportunity. The packages include the mini-franchise package where one is virtually trained, the part-time franchise, the full-time franchise, and the fast track franchise.

Kylla Corporate Transactions

Kylla is a corporate transactions firm that matches growth-focused companies with a global network of professional investors and business partners. The franchise has 15 critical people across nine countries, plus further support of 40 professionals in over 30 countries, and follows a business beyond borders opportunity. The goal is agility and flexibility to keep costs down. The most lucrative aspect in becoming a Kylla franchisee is that the minimum cash required is $3,000


This franchise is a business network that equips its franchisees to deliver a range of technological solutions to local businesses by developing applications. The company has helped over 300 partners in over 40 countries launch their businesses quickly. Through an industry-leading ‘drag and drop’ platform which powers thousands of revenue-generating mobile apps, Eazi-Apps can be used by anyone without coding skills. Features include targeted messaging systems, mobile commerce, booking systems, and loyalty programs.


This franchise provides the opportunity for one to run a virtual assistant business. The franchise offers training, support, marketing, mentoring, and a business-in-a-box model. At an investment of about $20,000, one is provided with initial training to start-up costs.


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