Corporate Services

Corporate Services

As a foreign business entity, it’s very critical that you stay in good books with your local authorities. SIGTAX will serve as your local office,  taking care of all these overwhelming bureaucratic requirements, while you concentrate on core activities that are beneficial to your business and customers.
Our corporate services make managing your business easier. Instead of stressing about the bureaucracy, administration, accounting, and legal demands, It’s always our earnest endeavour to make sure that our clients stay in compliance with all statutory company corporate obligations, ensuring the best governance practice to run a company in Ukraine. Our corporate administration services include:

  • Company incorporation and capitalization
  • Share trustees and nominee shareholders
  • Provision of experienced directors, to meet legal requirements
  • Company secretary, board meeting support and statutory record-keeping
  • Registered office and domiciliation services
  • Company management and administration
  • Provision of fully supported and dedicated office space

We also offer many additional services, which facilitate the corporate management of your investment structure in Ukraine:

  • Incorporation/liquidation of companies in Ukraine
  • Corporate healthy checks
  • Company name changes (after acquisitions of an entity)
  • Provision of board members
  • Provision of interim management for a company
  • Forensic Monitoring
  • Preparing companies to be listed on the stock exchange
  • Audit committees
  • Liquidity management

We work experts, highly experienced lawyers, accountants and tax specialists with vast in-country expertise in Ukraine. You can rest assured, that you’ll get efficient, effective and proactive corporate solutions for your organization.