Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

If you consider migrating to Ukraine, obtaining a temporary residence should be on top of your priorities. A temporary residence permit (TRP) allows foreign nationals to reside within Ukraine for a stipulated period legally. This article will address the steps and paperwork required to get this document.

Referred to as a Posvidka, the TRP is acquired after following a specific procedure. Once one meets all the requirements, the TRP may be issued. This document will allow you to reside within Ukraine for up to a year. If the TRP is study-related, however, exceptions may be made.

The TRP serves as documentation from within Ukraine and allows the holder to leave and enter the country without challenges.


All foreign nationals are eligible to apply for the TRP. Here is some information of persons who may find it much easier to obtain a TRP:

▪︎Work permit holders

Individuals who already acquired a work permit can easily upgrade to a TRP. Citizens of Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and Azerbaijan need not have a work permit for a TRP.

▪︎Family in Ukraine

If a foreign national has close relatives living as residents of Ukraine, they may apply for a TRP provided the family members agree to be responsible for the applicant’s well-being.

▪︎Scientific research

In the spirit of encouraging the development of scientific research, those wishing to conduct their research in Ukraine can apply for a TRP.

▪︎Sporting, cultural and religious activities

Also falls under the bracket of those who can apply for a TRP in Ukraine.


Three steps are required for one to acquire a TRP.
▪︎Apply and secure Visa “type D”
▪︎Apply for a TRP
▪︎Register a residential address with the Ukrainian government

Since the purpose of this article is to shed light on the process of acquiring a TRP, we will not dwell much on the first step mentioned above.

Apply and secure visa “type D”

This visa is applied for at the Ukrainian embassy in the employee’s country of origin. Once granted, the visa allows the applicant to visit Ukraine for up to 90 days as they apply for a TRP. The following documentation is required.

▪︎Visa application
▪︎Valid passport
▪︎A color photo
▪︎Bank statement reflecting financial security
▪︎Application fee receipt
▪︎Medical insurance
▪︎Proof of employment

The applicant needs to be aware that the Ukrainian government may ask for additional documents where they see fit. The cost of the application is approximately USD 65, and it takes up to 10 working days to process. Once the visa has been approved, the applicant has 90 days to apply for the TRP.

Apply for the TRP

Once the applicant has secured a work visa, the application for a TRP may be submitted to the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The application should be made no later than 15 days before the work permit expires. The following documents are required for a successful TRP application.

▪︎Passport with work permit attached
▪︎Translation of passport into Ukrainian
▪︎Medical insurance
▪︎Employment agreement from current employer
▪︎TRP application fee receipt
▪︎Motivational letter from current employer

The application will take up to 15 working days to process, and the cost of the application will be around 340 UAH. If the application is approved, the applicant may collect it themselves at the immigration offices of Ukraine.

Register a residential address

Within 30 days of receiving the TRP, the applicant needs to register their residential address with the State migration service. The documentation for this process is as follows.

▪︎Residential address application form
▪︎A valid TRP
▪︎A lease agreement of the property or any other document proving that the employee has been allowed to use it as their residence.

This application is processed within 24 hours and will be done free of charge.

Family members

Once the employee has settled, they may naturally want to relocate their family to Ukraine. To achieve this, the family members need to apply for visa “type D.” They go through the necessary steps, and if approved, they can move to Ukraine. Once in Ukraine, the family members may apply for the TRP. This is done through the State migration service of Ukraine. Each member of the family will be issued with their TRP. Children under the age of 18, however, need not apply, although it is not prohibited. Proof that the employee and each family member are related will be required.

Renewal of the TRP

Fifteen days before the TRP expires, the employee may apply for an extension. The process is almost similar to the first application as the cost and waiting times are the same. Documentation is again similar. Once the requirements have been met, the TRP may be renewed.


As long as a foreign national is legally employed within Ukraine, acquiring a TRP for themselves and their families should not be a problem. Knowing what paperwork and fees are required will make the process much smoother. Agents are available that help applicants move along faster with their applications. Doing it yourself is still very possible. Whatever you decide, ensure you research all requirements to make the process easier for yourself and help achieve your dreams.


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