Understanding the Relationship between Ukraine and the EU

Ukraine has the second-largest joint border with the EU and accounts for 0.9% of important imports from non-EU countries. The country also offers a market of over 44 million consumers and 70% of its land is made up of the most fertile soil in Europe. The possibility for greater trade and economic prosperity between Ukraine and the EU is high but Ukraine will have to significantly improve its poor business environment.

Understanding the double taxation treaties in Ukraine

Ukraine has signed numerous Double Taxation Treaties (DTT) with countries in Europe and all over the World. This promotes good business and contributes to the overall growth of the economy. This text will discuss some of the articles incorporated under the Ukrainian double taxation agreements.
What is a Double Taxation Treaty

How to start a business in Ukraine

According to the world bank statement, business in Ukraine is booming. This was shown by a recent spike in the annual economic growth rate of the country.
Any experienced businessmen would spot a ripe opportunity here. Ukraine is slowly becoming one of the most profitable business centers in the world. For more insights on how to launch a business in Ukraine, please continue reading.