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Corporate tax in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing business centers in Europe. According to statistics, the country has registered a record high economic growth rate in the past few years. Behind this success are business-friendly corporate tax laws that govern the country. This article seeks to highlight some of the regulations on corporate income tax and the corporate tax administration of Ukraine.

The cost of registering a company in Ukraine

Suffice To say, Ukraine is one of the most inexpensive places to register a company. This effectively attracts new businesses, both large corporations, and small enterprises.
If you're interested in registering a company in Ukraine, the costs will be revealed in the text, keep reading.
What's the general registration cost?

Private entrepreneur in Ukraine

Apparently, not everyone is interested or can afford to operate a big business in Ukraine. If you're one of those, then Ukraine is the best location for you!
The government made it possible for individuals who want to engage in simple businesses to register as Private Entrepreneurs. You will find the registration process very easy compared to the LLC business type.
Who can register as a PE?