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Trusts and Private Funds

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Czech Republic

  • Understanding the Relationship between Ukraine and the EU
  • Ukraine has the second-largest joint border with the EU and accounts for 0.9% of important imports from non-EU countries. The country also offers a market of over 44 million consumers and 70% of its land is made up of the most fertile soil in Europe. The possibility for greater trade and economic prosperity between Ukraine and the EU is high but Ukraine will have to significantly improve its poor business environment.

  • Understanding the double taxation treaties in Ukraine
  • Ukraine has signed numerous Double Taxation Treaties (DTT) with countries in Europe and all over the World. This promotes good business and contributes to the overall growth of the economy. This text will discuss some of the articles incorporated under the Ukrainian double taxation agreements.
    What is a Double Taxation Treaty

  • Taxation for individuals in Ukraine
  • One of the factors that have contributed to the growth of the Ukrainian economy is the presence of effective tax regulations. The country has put in place comprehensive tax schemes for both individuals and corporate entities (for both locals and foreigners). To learn more about taxation on the individual level, please continue reading.
    Residents vs Non-residents

  • Corporate tax in Ukraine
  • Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing business centers in Europe. According to statistics, the country has registered a record high economic growth rate in the past few years. Behind this success are business-friendly corporate tax laws that govern the country. This article seeks to highlight some of the regulations on corporate income tax and the corporate tax administration of Ukraine.

  • Best Business in Ukraine
  • When it comes to business, Ukraine is a bundle of opportunities. One of the hidden gems is the Real Estate business in Ukraine. There has never been better a time to start investing in Real Estate than now. The Ukrainian economy has since stabilised and as a result real estate prices have stabilised. Also, the total cost of buying a property in Ukraine is low but with high gross yields. Therefore there has never been a better business in Ukraine than Real estate.

  • Ukraine Type of Companies
  • Ukraine has become one of the most accommodating business destinations as of recent. There are many types of companies provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine. Prospective investors can choose from the limited liabilities company, the joint stock company (private or public), Joint Venture or Representative Office. It is the investor’s choice to choose which types of companies in Ukraine suits their business interests.