Ukraine as a great software outsourcing destination

Ukraine as a great software outsourcing destination

Ukraine may be the perfect destination for outsourcing software development. This State is one of the global leaders in IT, with many expert programmers and software development companies. According to analysts, in 2021 alone, there are an estimated 180 thousand specialists and about 166 thousand I.T companies in the country.

Reasons why Ukraine is a perfect software outsourcing destination

Below are eight reasons why Ukraine is excellent for outsourcing software development

1. Strong Educational and Vocational Background.

Ukraine has a thriving talent market of developers. These developers are highly ranked for their expertise and qualifications. A high-quality educational background backs their range of skills due to the high emphasis on affordable, quality tertiary education in the country.

Forbes ranks Ukraine on the list of nations with the highest significant number of IT graduates with quality skills. Thirty-six thousand students graduate from university with a degree in I.T annually. Most of these students have theoretical and practical skills in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and C/C++.

Ukrainian IT software specialists are fifth on TopCoder's global rating of developers. In addition, reputable sources such as Colliers International Outsourcing Journal have placed them in high rankings over the years. They also rank 11th on HackerRank’s list, with an average of 88.7% across all challenges.

The most extensive local IT companies offer various courses. They do this by joining forces with I.T educators to create courses for workers of all professional backgrounds and ages.

Furthermore, IT experts in Ukraine are focused on professional development. About 34% visit various industry-related conferences and workshops to integrate knowledge and professional trends, 57% take online courses, and 67% of workers regularly read professional literature. Only 12% of developers do not have time to improve their skills. This contributes to the excellent talent pool present in Ukraine.

2. Wide Range Service Offering

The Ukrainian I.T and software engineering industry is highly esteemed in the global talent pool. Interested vendors can find specialists with the most common skills to those under the radar. Developers are versed in technologies like Java, С, C#, JavaScript, PHP, etc. Skills also include mobile app development, Unity 3D, Magento or Scala, artificial intelligence, and data science. In all these languages, developers have an average score index of 91.26%. Hiring companies can expect to fulfill their need for IT-related service at the highest possible quality in Ukraine.

3. The Geographical Location and time zone are ideal

The central location of Ukraine in Europe puts it at an advantage for convenience and accessibility. Neighboring European countries can easily access and communicate with developers in Ukraine.

Companies in the US can also effectively reach Ukraine regarding business transactions. Compared to continents like Australia, where the time zone is close to a full day, the time difference between Ukraine and the USA is between 7 to 10 hours. With other European countries, the difference is 2 hours or less.

Furthermore, traveling to Ukraine is relatively easy. One can get to Ukraine from a European country with a direct flight between 1-2 hours. There are also direct flights from Los Angeles and New York.

4. Conducive Business Climate

Ukraine has a stable business climate. Policymakers make worthwhile efforts to create policies that are relevant to the striving international investments market.

The Strategic Action Plan 2020 focuses on canceling almost five hundred outdated regulations in favor of initiatives that promote international business. The software development market in Ukraine benefits from this as well.

Because the IT industry makes up about ten percent of Ukraine’s GDP, the government has created an environment that allows the industry to thrive. It has done this by removing any barriers to outsourcing. Whether one chooses an outsourcing company or a development team, the process is simple. The payment is either a specific hourly rate or a fixed price.

In the case of a dedicated development team or outstaffing, payment is a flat monthly fee. This is similar to hiring full-time developers, minus the responsibilities of retirement, insurance, social security, and taxes. The local outstaffing company is responsible for all these.

5. Comparatively low rates

Ukraine I.T companies lead the way in providing a price-quality ratio that is appealing to foreign investors. The rates, on average, are significantly lower compared to outsourcing competitors in the Eastern European market, such as Poland and the Czech Republic.

Specifically, the average monthly salary of a specialist in the IT market varies from $500 to $5,000, depending on the expected duties and level of skills. A software engineer's salary falls between $1,500 and $3,000 per month.

Furthermore, the rates in Ukrainian software outsourcing are several times lower than those in the United States.

The Ukrainian and Asian markets are neck and neck in their low-rate offerings. However, Ukraine's advantage over Asia is that the cultural and language barrier is removed.

6. Foreign Market Integration

IT startups, companies, and outsourcing developers have become well-integrated into the European market. They receive investments from and collaborate with prominent IT hubs in Europe. It is therefore wise to invest in Ukrainian technology development while there is still some room.

7. A Solid and Thriving Developer’s Community

Ukraine has one of the world's largest I.T networking communities. Over half of the Ukrainian developers professionals regularly attend I.T-related events.

Companies, on the other hand, share their experience, network, and hunt for the professionals willing to cooperate with them. Most of these events are large in scale and have high levels of attendance. This reflects the vitality of the evolving IT market in Ukraine. Some I.T events in Ukraine are:

》 iForum- the biggest offline conference dedicated to the Web in Ukraine.
》 IT Arena- shows how many tech experts, talented entrepreneurs, and high-quality products and services Ukraine can offer to the global market
》The Games Conference- a B2B conference that’s all about game development.
》The Agile Eastern Europe Conference- an event that aims to promote the world’s best Agile software development and Scrum project management practices in Ukraine.
》Lviv IT Arena- a conference that draws the international community’s attention to the tech industry in Ukraine. 》DEV_Challenge- a championship on software development in three categories: Web, Mobile, and Game.

Not only are these networking meet-ups, but brainstorm focus groups that promote growth in the industry. Topics discussed include AI, Big Data, data science, and AR.

8. Impressive Record of startups.

Ukraine has over a thousand startups operating in the IT market successfully. Some of these startups include:

Grammarly - one of the world's leading online grammar-checking and plagiarism-detection software;
Depositphotos - a leading royalty-free microstock photography agency.

The success of these startups reflects on the quality of software development in Ukraine.


Before you pick another destination for outsourcing your software development, consider the factors mentioned above.


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