Why Foreigners Should Establish Ukrainian R&D Centers

Why Foreigners Should Establish Ukrainian R&D Centers

In the past two decades, there has been a lot of development in the IT sector in Ukraine. In fact, this industry is now one of the main revenue items on the country’s budget. Due to the growth of this industry and the availability of talent, many development firms now look to Ukraine when it comes to meeting their outsourcing needs. Many businesses are building massive service centers that serve clients from around the globe.

Ukrainian developers are widely known for their skill and work ethic that is greatly appreciated by a lot of the key players in the market. Industry giants like Google, Oracle and Siemens have established research and development centers in Ukraine to take advantage of the large talent pool.

Why Foreigners Should Establish Ukrainian R&D Centers

There are a lot of risks and barriers that are associated with establishing an R&D center in a foreign country. Any business that wants to do so must weigh the risks and benefits and decide whether or not it’s a worthwhile move. In the case of Ukraine, the benefits of doing so certainly outweigh the risks, and it would be greatly beneficial for a foreign business to open an R&D center in Ukraine.

Huge Talent Pool

There are many highly educated specialists in Ukraine. This is certainly good for any business that wants to employ. All these people are more than willing to offer their services and even get full time jobs. At the moment, there are about 190,000 developers in the country. This is not a stationary number, as more developers keep being added each year. There are several Universities in Ukraine who train IT specialists therefore business will always have new talent to recruit as well.

Most of the developers in Ukraine have their focus on the following programming languages:

▪︎C ++

However, they are not only limited to these five. Many engineers also work with more languages other than those listed here. Additionally, Ukrainian engineers are constantly deepening their knowledge and sharpening their skills. This makes them particularly valuable for R&D centers.

Superb English Proficiency

Language can be a great barrier when it comes to outsourcing. With the spread of the internet, there are very few barriers between nations except for the language factor. Fortunately, English seems to have been mastered quite well by Ukrainian engineers. Since it’s the universal key to information nowadays, this also puts them at an advantage. Developers in Ukraine dedicate ample time to learning English which allows them to easily communicate with foreigners from everywhere in the world. As a foreigner looking to establish an R&D center, you won’t have to struggle to find interpreters, which would have otherwise cost you a lot of money as well.

This absence of a language barrier allows the employer to stay on the same page as your employees. It therefore becomes easier to understand tasks, feedback and to solve problems. Overall, this improves efficiency within organizations and it’s what sets apart Ukrainian engineers from other non-English speaking teams.

Favorable Time Zone

It is important for anyone who wants to get into business to be able to get in touch with their team at a time that is convenient for everyone. It can be quite difficult to try and hold a meeting at a time when others are just waking up and you are about to sleep. If time zones are a problem, holding meetings and collaborating on tasks can be a serious problem. The Ukrainian time zones make it easy for people in America and Ukraine in particular to communicate. Therefore, less time is spent waiting on decisions rather than working and meeting deadlines.

Absence of Legal Restrictions

In other countries, opening R&D centers can be a tedious process that is jumbled by a lot of legal processes and huddles. In Ukraine, there are no such processes. Foreign companies can easily open units without going through winding and often unnecessary processes. The country is part of a lot of organizations, and unions and they are always reforming the economy to make it more investor friendly. Because of this, the establishment of R&D centers in Ukraine can be a highly profitable venture.

Ukraine presents massive opportunities for foreign companies that are interested in opening R&D centers. If a company seeks to build a team of highly skilled and committed engineers, Ukraine is the place to visit. There are a lot of talented and experienced IT specialists in the country and they have affordable rates as well. By making the move to open an R&D center in Ukraine, small businesses and medium-sized companies, and organizations can greatly boost their levels of innovation and productivity.


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