Why SIGTAX Ukraine

Why SIGTAX Ukraine

Registering a company in a foreign land is no easy task. To dodge the common pitfalls and speed up the process, it’s best to entrust the whole process to professionals. At SIGTAX, registering companies in Ukraine and abroad is the order of our day. Besides helping you with the registration process, our expert accountants, lawyers and consultants will also take the time to evaluate your business model and offer you invaluable advice in developing a successful, profitable business in the specified country.


SIGTAX can also help you decide on the best legal structure to follow in a specific jurisdiction, considering factors like your business model, nationality, double tax treaties, among others.

To seamlessly operate your company in a foreign land, without being distracted by the bureaucratic hurdles, it’s critical to have a trusted back-office partner. SIGTAX back-office experts are ready to help you with all of your business expansion, legal, accounting and company incorporation needs in Ukraine and beyond.


Over the years, SIGTAX has helped hundreds of foreign investors successfully establish legal presence in Ukraine and 15 other European countries. We treat each client as an individual in order to provide tailored company incorporation and corporate services which effectively support your global expansion.


Our expert teams, both local and international will take the time to understand your unique business model and provide you with tailored services that not only simplify but quicken your business processes.

The following jurisdictions offer favourable business environments for foreign companies, making it easy for you to profitably operate your business. 


  • Italy 

  • Belgium 

  • Cyprus 

  • Czech Republic 

  • Ireland 

  • Liechtenstein 

  • Luxembourg 

  • Malta 

  • Poland 

  • Romania 

  • Singapore 

  • Switzerland 

  • Ukraine


Why register a company abroad?


  • To attract foreign investment, most countries offer several incentives for foreign companies

  • It’s a fact that some countries have the perfect infrastructure to optimize your business processes, better than your home country

  • Tapping into new markets and finding new business partners comes with numerous opportunities as well

  • Gain the advantage offered by the regional markets; for instance, the EU.

  • Access to a stable and reliable financial system and modern banking sector;

  • Reduced bureaucracy and minimized reporting requirements;

  • Operate in a more favourable political and economic environment

  • Significantly low corporate taxes, or no taxes at all!

  • Customs and tax incentives for foreign investors.

  • People tend to trust multinational companies more than a company limited to one state

  • Low start-up costs


Taking your business global isn’t as difficult as most people make it to be. Below are five simple steps you will generally have to follow to establish a business in almost any country:

  1. Reach out to SIGTAX for a free consultation and expert advice regarding the best country for establishing your particular business model

  2. Choose the country of your choice for setting up the business

  3. Select an optimal legal entity on which you will conduct your operations (limited liability, partnership, joint-stock company, etc.);

  4. SIGTAX will help you draw up and submit all the necessary documentation, the Articles of Association and a unified business plan to the notary 

  5. SIGTAX will conduct all the necessary company formation steps in your chosen jurisdiction by power of attorney. Therefore there won’t be a need for your physical presence in the country.

  6. Post successful company registration, SIGTAX will also help you:

  • open the company bank account, 

  • appoint managers, local agents, and facilitate the availability of the services or products

  • open a real or virtual office to establish a legal address

  • Obtaining of the VAT number, social security number and special permits


Above all, it’s very important to do your due diligence in choosing the right specialized company for implementing the registration process and subsequent legal and corporate support of your  business. With a presence in over 15 European countries, SIGTAX is one of the leading and most reliable company formation agents in Europe and Asia.

List of countries in which we register companies


It’s a fact that Swiss banks offer a safe haven for assets from around the world. Did you know that for more than 150 years, Switzerland is politically and economically stable?


Belgium has over 80 double taxation treaty partners. Low property prices, yet high living standards A business friendly tax system


Get access to one of the most favourable tax regimes in Europe, 12.5% Corporation Tax and 25% Research & Development tax credit(to mention a few)


High confidentiality of your company information. Zero control over foreign exchange transactions. Get the opportunity to form an entity similar in structure to a foundation, however with the ability to also carry out commercial activities


Lowest VAT rate in Europe(15%). Over 75 double taxation treaties, which which makes setting up a holding company very attractive and tax efficient


Very low tax rates for holding companies. While Malta is also part of the EU, it takes a fairly low cost to set-up and run a maltese company


Get access to one of the world’s leading technical expertise at affordable salaries


A fairly low tax rate of 17% plus multiple channels of government funding


It’s a fact that “Made in Italy” products sale better on the world market The Italian government has also put in place several support schemes and incentives for small businesses.


'Safe haven' for taxes, Get access to the lowest corporation tax in Europe(12.5%). The country has also implemented the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Czech Republic

The Czech people almost always prefer to buy products or services with a company residing in the Czech Republic. This is also true for business partnerships.

What is included in the package of services?


  • Audit

  • Bookkeeping

  • Corporate Services

  • Tax Planning

  • Trusts And Private Funds

  • Work Permits

  • Business Center

  • Assets And Investments

  • Attorney Services

  • Private Clients

  • Services


Why is it profitable to work with SIGTAX?


  • SIGTAX has decades of experience, working with a diverse clientele, from start-ups to large multinational companies—gathering all the necessary know-how and expertise to simplify the company formation process in any jurisdiction.

  • We provide automated referrals to banks

  • Take advantage of SIGTAX’s registered office services to maintain confidentiality

  • Sounds like a cliche, but yes, with SIGTAX, you will save time and money!

  • We maintain highly transparent policies with no hidden costs. That means zero deceptive entry level packages.

  • We incorporate the company using your own details

  • Get free phone support and advice, anytime, anywhere

  • We incorporate any company type online

  • All the company formation steps will be completed online without the need for you to leave your country.

  • Minimize the chance of your company formation application being rejected

  • There’s life after the company formation process and we are always there to provide you with such services

  • Access to additional professional services

  • No hard sell—get access to over 300 pages of just information

  • We are physically located at executive offices in Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, and Ukraine

  • We are closely regulated by the authorities